Steve Aston · Creative Copywriter



For one magazine I travelled to New York and rode the subway for 24 hours.

I've also written for many B2B magazines (Broadcast, Media Week, Campaign and New Media Age)

  • which gave me a great grounding in the media business and a chance to deal with more serious subjects.

I wrote a computer game column for the Daily Express and Star for years – with reviews, news and opinion pieces.

Before I found my calling in advertising, I was a journalist – writing about the media, interviewing celebrities, reviewing TV shows, music and computer games, making a nuisance of myself at events and blagging freebies I couldn’t justify to my editors (I once went to Africa with Chris Tarrant’s wife, I’m still not sure why).

Having a grounding in editorial has made me a better creative. I think a lot about my audience, and tailor my copy accordingly. Also, in the age of social media, brands need to create their own content. That means using someone who understands the power of grabbing attention on a crowded page.

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